R E L I V E H I , H O W A R E Y O U D A Y 2 0 1 9 C O N C E R T N O W !



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“When I'm down, really down.  Nothing matters, nothing does.

Please hear my cry for help and save me from myself.”

Daniel Johnston  |  Peek a boo

Why Mental Health?

Mental health issues affect one in four people globally

It could be you, your child, your spouse, sibling, parent, friend or co-worker.  Mental health issues affect EVERYONE in some way.  So, why is it so difficult to talk about?  If everyone is affected, why does the stigma remain?  At the Hi, How Are You Project, we asked that very question and decided we all need to do better.  We believe it is not an organizational mission, but a worldwide community mission to make a difference. 

If we can change minds, we can change the world.